WhyFi. is the sonic monicker of Larsen Winiata Tito-Taylor (of Ngā Puhi/Ngāti Whātua/Tainui descent) - a multi-disciplinary human-being/artist and initial channeller of Noa Records from Tangiteroria, currently residing in Tāmaki Makaurau.

WhyFi. serves as a dark canvas for the subconscious/unconscious workings of the artists awareness, conjuring from the hidden corners of the mind, scribbling prophecies from the shadows of the imagination. Most WhyFi. works are harvested via a 'stream of consciousness' approach, with many songs being recorded in the first take with no clear/defined idea of what is going to surface.


Drawing from various sonic palettes WhyFi. is also a permacultural project, rooting varying musical/production tapestries together to reveal their connectedness through inter-related histories and entangled sonic energies.

In essence, WhyFi. works are intended to draw out the venom/toxicity kept within when resisting our shadow and transforming these energies into personal rongoa, presenting thoughts/inhibitions kept hostage within ourselves with rawness for consideration/self-reflection; this is a creative entity that is primarily concerned with meeting the weirdness found in the shadow of the self with love and presenting it to the world in all its honest truth.

Instagram: @whyfisucks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhyFiAKL

Album: https://noarecords.bandcamp.com/album/trash-2-the-official-movie-soundtrack