Noa Records is a creative vessel + emerging collective voice expressed as a record label, media archive and creative whānau. Through our work(s) we intend to unearth and present diverse creative outputs and perspectives from artistic practitioners based geo-spiritually within Aotearoa/Te Moana Nui a Kiwa.

Connecting to the term 'noa' as a guiding principle/force, Noa Records aims to transport transformative potentials carried through the artistic practices of our people for purposes of self/collective healing and encouragement. It is also hoped that the term 'noa' and all that it encompasses can serve as a catalyst for our own cultural/self re-discovery - without limiting the term by defining noa here, we hope our kaupapa conveys something from the essence of noa and that our different waters may meet to explore that essence.

May this communal cyber-garden of ideas/dialogues/creative expressions provide space(s) for community cultivation within our imaginations, and may the kai grown here provide invigoration for our minds through our mahi.