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Noa Records is a creative vessel, a meeting point of voices from various origins across the Moana (ocean), an unfolding creative reflection from our ancestors, anchored in physical existence within Aotearoa and spreading forth across the digital ocean via the internet.


In worldly terms, Noa Records is a record label, media company and creative whānau (family), creating records of our moments in time and space for future generations to take hold of. Through our works we intend to unearth and present diverse creative outputs and perspectives from artistic practitioners based geo-spiritually within Aotearoa, Te Moana Nui a Kiwa (Pacific Ocean) and further beyond as our story continues to stretch.

Connecting to 'noa' as a guiding concept for our collective movements (a nuanced term used throughout Te Moana nui a Kiwa that refers to a neutral, unrestricted or ordinary state), Noa Records aims to activate and transport transformative potentials carried through the artistic practices of our people for purposes of self/collective healing and encouragement, continually expanding and re-defining what is noa within our lives and practices, adapting to contemporary circumstances and holding to the wisdom of our tūpuna (ancestors) and ātua (gods). It is hoped that the term noa and all that it encompasses can serve as a catalyst for our own self/cultural re-discovery. In following our unfolding kaupapa, we strive to continually evolve and re-evaluate the varying degrees of our ordinariness, informing new perspectives for our varying waters to meet and explore the essence of what it is to be noa.

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