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A warm welcome to all visiting this space, this digital ground where we root information regarding our core kaupapa, kōrero and whānau (purpose, narrative and family).

Noa Records is a creative collective whānau with roots in many things; it is an Aotearoa based pan-Moana record label, a group of performers bridging realms of creative music and popular music forms alike, a group of thinkers traversing invisible trails left by our ancestors, a team of conversationists dreaming up new worlds, perceptions and creative forms.

Our principal aim is to unearth potentials present in the oceanic cosmos, beginning by localising our focus towards Aotearoa; a geo-spiritual landscape providing fertile soil for us to plant our adaptive understandings and creations, a space we continue to aid in healing.


We intend to rise in continual celebration of new works from creative voyagers situated across Te Moana Nui a Kiwa and further asea, seeking out truthful expressions to be cast out for ears and minds to receive somewhere in the vast reflections of space and time for appreciation and comprehension. We continue to weave creative tapestries, expanding our views on contemporary indigeneity and being, absorbing the multiplicities of our world today and breaking new grounds of sound and sight. 

Ngā mihi nui, Noa Records

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